Getting your business noticed by the right people can be tough.

So many businesses. So many journalists. Not enough time.  
You don't know where to start or what to say?

It doesn't have to be that way. I can help. 

That’s me, Caroline, freelance PR Consultant, with 15+ years experience of working in PR.

It's my passion to gain media coverage for small businesses and their owners. To me PR is like an exciting puzzle. Matching your business story with the right journalists to tell it. 

I’ve always loved writing – from typing out my own stories on my typewriter as a child to developing stories and writing press releases as a PR consultant.

Working in PR is inspiring and fast-paced – delivering media relations, events, copywriting and so much more. PR is not advertising. With advertising you can buy space and sell your products without a story. With PR, an independent journalist writes (and raves) about you and your business. And that's pure gold!  

I went from the National Media Museum and gaining media coverage to raise their profile to working freelance for LOTS of different businesses. Getting them noticed by the right people and telling THEIR stories . 

I work with passionate business owners new to PR who want a fresh approach sharing their story and getting the powerful endorsement from journalists and influencers.

Business owners like you - you have a website and you're active on social media. Your followers are slowly building. But it's SO time consuming. PR can take you to a whole new level. FAST. Because journalists and influencers are talking about your business. Getting YOU noticed in your industry.

I help my clients develop and deliver a PR strategy.

We can do this in TWO ways ... 

On an ongoing monthly basis. 


As a bespoke time-specific project.

I’m a northerner born and bred. Honest, hard-working and straight-talking. I'm known to be determined and tenacious. (Perfect for PR work!)

I studied business studies at University and worked in two Leeds-based PR agencies. One of those won the UK’s PR Consultancy of the Year award.

Ever since I went to my Dad’s office and saw the hive of activity, I was fascinated by business. I studied business studies, which has given me the passport to learn about (and represent) various different industries and brands over the years.

I always loved writing and making up stories as a child, typing them up on my typewriter (my little fingers having to press really hard on that old thing to make a mark!).

Photography has always been a great passion of mine. Getting the picture just right to go with my stories to make them jump out.

My job as a PR Consultant has allowed me to turn my love of writing, story-telling and photography into a career. And I LOVE it!

Caroline Joynson is a freelance PR Consultant with 15+ years PR experience both agency and in-house. Her experience spans consumer PR (businesses whose target audience is individual consumers) and business-to-business PR (businesses whose customers are other businesses). She's applied her PR skills in sectors including arts/culture, leisure/tourism, FMCG, sports, not-for-profit/environment, professional services and property (amongst others).

She knows HOW to drive visitors to events and attractions as well as integrating traditional PR with social media activity.

Caroline’s career highlights include unveiling the world’s first moving colour pictures to the media, managing Michael Palin’s packed interview schedule and promoting a trans-Atlantic rowing race.

The services Caroline offers include strategic communications advice and planningwriting media materials, content and copywriting, media relations, advice and planning for crisis/issues management and reputation protection, plus experience across the range of PR tactics including celebrity management and endorsement, radio days, surveys, press conferences and competitions. And that's just to name a few ...